Why Your Waiting Room Needs a Makeover

When a customer enters your office, one of the first things they will notice is the waiting room. A 1956 study by Maslow and Mintz found that subjects perceived people more positively in beautiful rooms than in less attractive rooms. Although your waiting room isn’t a reflection of the quality of your service it will impact the way potential customers think about your business.

Why Your Waiting Room Needs a Makeover

In order to make the best impression with incoming clients, create a space that is inviting and modern. Imagine your waiting room from the perspective of your customers. What is lacking? Is your furniture old? These are questions to consider when reevaluating your space for new designs.

According to the US National Library of Medicine, the average time patients spent in waiting rooms was 41 minutes. Of course, nobody likes having to wait, but waiting in an outdated waiting room can reduce the chance that people will want to return to your office.

Here are some ways you can update your office waiting room:

Paint– A new paint job on the walls can transform the room completely. If you want to keep the room simple you can opt for stark white walls and then add pops of color through the room. Hues of blue, green, and yellow can help to bring life to a room.

Drinking Station/Snacks– If your customers are waiting almost an hour until they receive your services you will need something to help occupy them. By adding a coffee and tea make along with snacks can help keep them entertained while they wait.

New Furniture– Changing outdated furniture will help give your waiting room a fresh modern look. If you are looking for beautiful furnishings for your office consult, Accent Office Interiors.

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