Upgrade Your Office, Revive Your Employees

The average American spends an average of 2,068 hours a year at work. The workplace is no longer somewhere we have to go, clock in, do a job, and clock out. Nowadays, companies are asking their employees to constantly innovate, adapt to the times, foster and drive change, and be creative. In a demanding workplace, it is important that the office setting is conducive to produce fresh and creative content.

Is your office space fueling your employee’s productivity?

You can offer your employees tools to help them accomplish these goals, but if your office’s furnishings and layout don’t help to inspire creativity and collaboration, your business could be as stuck in the past as your furniture.

The office furniture of the past placed higher importance on privacy than innovation. That’s why so many companies with older furniture feature uncomfortable cubicles, where employees aren’t as free to sit next to one another and brainstorm. In fact, Co. Design recently conducted a study to learn about why people feel stifled and uninspired in their workspace, and they discovered that companies that offer diverse seating and collaboration spaces are much more likely have inspired, encouraged employees. But, the study also cautions that it’s a balance – employees also need space where they can focus and get things done free of distractions.

At Accent Office Interiors, we offer collaborative, shared office space furniture, like seating areas for chatting through a quick issue, meeting tables for long brainstorming sessions, desks that accommodate more than one person at a time, and office furniture that’s adaptable to your employees’ needs. Whether you’re a small, established company or a quickly growing tech startup, you’ll need furniture that matches your company’s core mission, part of which is probably constant innovation.

New Upgrades

You don’t have to be a tech start up to upgrade your office look. Modular office furniture allows employees to change up and customize their space and offers a balance of privacy and collaboration at the same time. The adaptability of these solutions is ideal for helping your team work together to promote innovation and collaborate on ideas while still having all the functionality needed to get every job done.

If you’re interested in revamping the look and feel of your office furniture and help foster a more creative and productive environment for your employees, contact Accent Office Interiors today!