Top Office Design Trends in 2018

Keeping your office design on-trend and up-to-date is a great way to ensure that your employees are happy, motivated and excited to come to work each day, not to mention create a perception among your customers that you’re abreast of all the latest trends in your industry.

If it’s time to revamp your office look, read on to learn more about the top office design trends in 2018.

Green and greenerModern Spacious Workspace with Green Features

Biophilic design elements are all the rage, especially in offices that are not actually near nature. Think lots of plants, plenty of daylight and natural colors and patterns. Couple this trend with a commitment to the environment: use renewable energy to power your office, offer locally sourced snacks and drinks in the employee lounge and install a gray water system.

No place like home… at the office

We get it—some days it feels like you live at the office. So why not make the office feel homey and cozy? Overstuffed sofas, bookshelves and soft rugs complete the look.

Switch it up to increase energy among employees

Flexible workspaces can encourage creativity and prevent feelings of stagnation. Try furniture that can easily be picked up and moved, as well as varied seating areas, from couches to traditional work chairs.

Color me productive during the work day

Blue and orange can signal boldness, and neutral metallics give a sense of a polished, forward-thinking company. Check out Pantone’s eight trend palettes for 2018 for inspiration.

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