Tips for Cleaning Office Furniture

If you take good care of your office furniture, you won’t need to replace it every few years. Instead, it could very well last you a lifetime.

One way you can ensure the longevity of your furniture is by knowing how to clean it properly. Read our tips below.


Upholstered items are notoriously difficult to clean; it’s best to start with a vacuum. Vacuuming the chair seats or bench cushions that are upholstered with fabric will remove any dust, and can revitalize the look of the fabric. For tough stains, use a water-based solvent in a dabbing

Tips for Cleaning Office Furniture

motion on the discolored area. Test your solvent underneath the chair, first, to make sure it won’t stain or cause damage to the fabric.


Leather furniture also needs special care. You can use leather cleaner, or, vinegar mixed with linseed oil. Gently wipe on the leather cleaner with a soft cloth, and then make sure to wipe down the leather again with a damp cloth to remove excess cleaner. Follow the instructions on the leather cleaner carefully, and only use it on real leather upholstery.


The best office maintenance habit to get into is to label different cleaners for different desk materials.

For plastics and laminate, use a dust cloth to remove dust and dirt, and then a sanitizing cleaner or Windex to remove bacteria. Wood veneer desks only need a small amount of soapy water. Wipe gingerly around the keyboard with a microfiber towel after disconnecting it from the computer. For reaching really stubborn grime, try a compressed air can.

Here at Accent Office Interiors, we are dedicated to making your office a clean, welcoming, and productive space. If you’ve tried cleaning your office furniture, but realized it’s time for an upgrade, give us a call at 850.386.5201 to learn about how our products will fit your business’s needs.