Things you need to know before switching to an open office plan

The open office plan can facilitate better collaboration between employees and make more efficient use of available space. But it is not all sunshine and roses when it comes to switching over to the open office! Some people may not function as well being surrounded by other employees.  Here are a few ideas of how to avoid any problems in switching to an open office plan.

  • Make a Plan–Consider how the change is going to affect your business processes. It’s a good idea to take a “virtual walk” through a normal business day and see how breaking down a wall or two can affect your business processes.

Focus on your people–Change is fine when employees know what’s coming– and why. Make sure you explain what your goals are with this change. If the employee feels like they are invested in the change they will feel more comfortable.

Design the workplace layout–Consider providing a host of different work environments but be sure to include a space where you can work alone, a space where a team can work and a space where many teams can work together. And always provide a space where workers can keep their personal belongings.

Consider your unique needs–If you work in a heavily regulated industry like healthcare, insurance, or wealth management firms an open environment may not suit your needs because of the confidentiality of documents.

Ensure you have information mobility–Your workspace is where your workforce accesses, shares and interacts with your critical business information, and where your workers connect and collaborate. With the right workspace, you can enable information mobility across your entire organization.

Ready to get started making the change? You can do this!!