The Importance of Space Planning Your Office

The goal of space planning an office is to increase functionality, taking into consideration the different elements that make a workspace most efficient. The use of proper space planning results in stronger office environments filled with motivated employees and higher levels of productivity.

The elements of space planningThe Importance of Space Planning Your Office

The goals for your business become the driving factors behind space planning. You  can only determine how your space will be used by first deciding what you hope to achieve there.

Your Main Purpose

The way you set up your office depends on your main purpose for the space.

Do you need to inspire your employees to engage with their work or make room for better office collaboration? Are you concerned with the health and comfort of your employees? Answering these questions and setting up your goals for your office space are the first steps in space planning.

Imagine a typical workday

Select furniture and a layout conducive to how your conduct business on a typical workday.

If employees tend to work at their desks, choose a layout that gives everyone their own unique space. If your workers need to collaborate across departments, create designated spaces for group meetings. Your office environment should be functional while taking into consideration the special needs of those doing the work. Keep in mind things like noise levels in certain areas, space-saving opportunities, and flexible floor plans.

Employee health

Designing your space to keep your employees safe and healthy leads to more effective work hours. Space planning allows you to prevent areas of congestion and to avoid hazards such as jungles of cables and poor air ventilation. Focusing on the health of everyone in the office helps you create a new office layout that keeps comfort and happiness at the forefront of the workweek.

What are the benefits?

  • Higher levels of productivity
  • Greater motivation and engagement in work
  • Overall increases in comfort and happiness in the workspace
  • Higher employee satisfaction
  • Increased efficiency
  • Greater innovation

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