Refresh, Repair and Reupholster With Us

Outdated Furniture Many offices have a selection of older office furniture – items that may not be as fresh and new looking as they once did, but are still solid and reliable pieces. There’s no need to get rid of these pieces completely, though. You can bring them back to life and give them a new start with some refinishing and reupholstery.

Just like an older car may need to be refurbished to function properly and look as good as it once did, older furniture needs to be reupholstered to replace fabrics that may not have weathered the tests of time. Accent Office Interiors can clean, repair and reupholster your older furniture items to give them a new look and an extended life.

Often repairing or reupholstering furniture you already have can be much more affordable than replacing it outright. At Accent Office Interiors, our team can help you maintain your older furniture, providing consultation, warranty and repair services. We offer refinishing and reupholstering, as well as guidance on how to get the most out of your furniture. It is our job to fix and bring life to old looking furniture that still has years of potential ahead of it. Many times these repair services cost a fraction of the price it would to replace your outdated furniture. Plus, with reupholstery, you can update the look of these older items, allowing you refresh your office furniture to match a more modern décor.

If you have older furniture in your office, call Accent Office Interiors today. We can help you assess the condition of your items and decide whether repairing and reupholstering is the best option for your furniture. To learn more, or to explore our selection of new furniture, call us at 850-386-5201 and set up a consultation today.