Redesigning Offices for a Post-Coronavirus World

Across the country, workers are slowly returning to the office. However, the coronavirus is still a serious concern, and many offices are ill-equipped to handle it. In all likelihood, you will have to redesign your office space to bring employees back into work safely. Here are a few ways you can go about it:  

Say goodbye to open concept   

Redesigning Offices for a Post-Coronavirus World

Over the past decades, cubicles have been replaced by open concept offices. However, thanks to the coronavirus, this trend may be reversing itself. Open concept offices spread diseases more quickly than any other type of floor plan, so companies will have to find ways to separate employees once again. Installing cubicles again is one way; another way is to install plexiglass barriers in between desks that will both protect workers and allow them to see one another.  

Install touchless sensors  

Since coronavirus can stay on surfaces for hours, installing touchless sensors is a great way to further limit the spread. Entry and exit doors can have motion sensors, while bathrooms can use automatic sinks, soap dispensers, and dryers.   

Find office furniture that is easy to clean  

To further protect your employees, you’ll need to clean your office regularly. The easier your office is to clean, the easier it’ll be to limit the spread of diseases. Simple, minimalist office furniture is often the easiest and quickest to clean than more complicated designs.  

Use social distancing floor indicators  

Floor stickers that are separated 6 feet apart can further encourage social distancing in the office. Consider placing them 6 feet away from each desk, so people will know where to stand when conversing with their colleagues. You can also put them in areas where people tend to congregate—such as the breakroom—to further drive home this point.  

Have flexible desk spaces  

In order to meet occupancy requirements, your workers will likely work half in the office and half at home. Flexible desk spaces can let employees work where they want, making it easier for you to spread across the office.  

No matter how our office spaces change, Accent Office Interiors will be there to provide the furniture needed to create a productive work environment. Contact us today to learn how we can help create the perfect work environment for you and your employees!