Productivity and Your Furniture: What You Lose by Not Investing in Office Furnishings

What You Lose by Not Investing in Office FurnishingsWorking in an office can give you a pretty “blah” feeling, especially in office with isolating and uncomfortable cubicles or the décor all is that awful shade of beige.

If you’re picking out office furniture for a new space, keep in mind that productivity and office furniture are linked.

In fact, choosing the wrong furniture could negatively impact your employees’ work.

These days, small offices are striving to meet myriad different requirements to attract employees to work there. The design has to be fresh and interesting – nothing stuffy, and no mass-produced art. The same goes for the furniture that your employees sit on while they do their work. It has to serve a lot of purposes, and keep your employees not only comfortable and efficient, but engaged and invested.

Small Biz Trends says that companies may be losing out on millions of dollars per year in employee productivity due to pain experienced by the employees as a direct result of uncomfortable office furniture. Aches and pains from office chairs and desks that cause discomfort costs $81 billion in lost productivity annually, according to the Journal of the American Medical Association.

That’s only part of the equation, however. A survey of 1,000 Americans showed that about half of workers polled are not engaged at their jobs and that the environment of their office played a large role in their satisfaction and productivity. According to Small Biz Trends, those who reported their workplace furniture as bad were twice as likely to feel depressed in their offices and three times more likely to say it negatively impacted their productivity.

Office furnishings don’t have to be straight out of an interior design magazine, but they do need to be comfortable and functional while providing an opportunity to express a bit of the company’s personality. Make sure that your employees get what they need when it comes to comfort. Pick the right chairs, not just the cheapest ones. Add spaces where your employees to congregate and brainstorm to help encourage productivity and collaboration and foster and a teamwork-focused environment.

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