Office Lighting Design: How Light Affects Your Workspace

If you’re like most, a great majority of your day is spent at work, likely behind a desk.

Truth is, the harsh florescent lights, the reflection from big glass windows, and the amount of time spent staring at large monitors all affect our health. Have you ever considered taking a step back and reevaluating the lighting of your office?

Different types of lighting: artificial vs. natural

Artificial light sources cause glare or flicker, which is linked to ailments including eyestrain, blurred vision, dry eyes, and even headaches. It could also affect health issues not related to your eyes, such as back pain, posture, and more.

Bright Reception Area of OfficeLighting can also influence your efficiency and the productivity of your coworkers or employees.

A study found that people who work in artificial light are more likely to feel tired toward to end of the day, compared to those who work in more natural light.

Cue the afternoon cup(s) of coffee or dash to the vending machine.

To create a healthier, more efficient work environment, it is important to utilize as much natural light in the office as possible.

How color affects light in the office

The color of the walls plays a large role in how light is reflected, and what’s more, it affects our mood at work. Some studies have found that colors don’t only change our moods, but also impact our productivity.

Incorporate reflective office décor

Likely not shocking, but another element is office décor. Try incorporating metallics, mirrors, and other light-reflecting office accessories!

From lighting to wall color to your overall office décor, you can instantly boost employee’s productivity and effectiveness. Get smarter with lamps and light bulbs, leveraging the natural light and reducing glares.

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