How to Create a Minimalist Office Space

Papers everywhere; folders disorganized; dates mixed up.

Does this scene at your desk sound familiar?

Well, don’t let it be—with a minimalist strategy in mind, you can streamline your office design and work ethic to be simpler, and more efficient. And while it sounds like yet another task to add to your plate, it surprisingly takes only a few enhancements to become a reality.

Just the essentials

Ask yourself—what do you use every day?

Minimalist Office Design

It may be the computer, the printer, and a wall calendar. But it’s likely not a stapler, an organizer, or any other office accessories. While those are necessary to have on hand, you may not need them on your desk. Find somewhere to store these nonessentials so that they are not just clutter added to your workspace.

Practical office furniture

Consider investing in functional furniture—shelves, cabinets, etc.—that precisely meet your demands, so you have a place for everything.

Decorative declutter

Quantity over quality is the key to minimalist design.

If you’re going to have something take up space on your desk, make it worth it. So perhaps less ornaments, and more low-maintenance plants, which are proven to boost productivity, and morale. And maybe, instead of a blank wall, you hang up compact artwork to liven up the mood a bit. Books related to your discipline always add a nice touch, too.

Go with wood

If you’re going to buy furniture, then stick with wood. It gives off a rich, natural feel that is perfect for any office, and will act as a perfect complement to the plants.

With these tips in mind, you’ll be on your way to a less stressed and better organized future.

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