How to Bring Employees Back into the Office

With more and more people getting vaccinated, life will slowly return to normal. Restaurants will re-open, and employees will return to their offices. However, the change will not be immediate. Bringing your employees back after almost a year of working from home will be difficult, but there are ways to navigate the situation.

Use a phased approach

How to Bring Employees Back into the Office

You won’t be able to go from having zero people in the office to functioning at full capacity. Not only would it be a logistical nightmare, but it could also be dangerous. Not everyone will be vaccinated immediately, so there will still be the risk of spread even if some individuals have received the coronavirus vaccine. Instead, bring people back in phases, starting with the individuals least at risk.

Let employees choose when (and if) they want to go back

If an employee doesn’t yet feel comfortable working in the office, then don’t force them. They have been working from home for a year now, and a few extra months won’t hurt anything. You may even want to let some people work from home permanently, if that is something they’re open to doing.

Use a hybrid model

Just as you shouldn’t bring people back all at once, you also shouldn’t make people start working in the office every day. Instead, opt for a hybrid model where employees work some hours at home and some hours in the office. This will also keep occupancy levels lower, as you can have different people work on different days.

Redesign your office

When your employees are in the office, you still need to protect them from the coronavirus. As such, your old office design may not work anymore. Say goodbye to the open concept and reintroduce cubicles to keep people separate. Additionally, social distancing floor indicators will help people stay 6 feet apart. You can read more tips on redesigning your office for a post-coronavirus world here.

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