How Ergonomics Can Increase Productivity in the Workspace

When creating a cohesive office environment, it is important to keep the 4 pillars of ergonomics in mind. Ergonomics is the study of efficiency in the work environment. When workers are provided with a highly efficient work space, they are able to preform at their best. If your workspace environment does not meet these four requirements, you may want to look in to redesigning your space to increase productivity and overall employee morale.

For a computer-based workstation to be optimized, it must address the 4 Pillars of Ergonomics: Support, Reach, Breathing and Vision.

 When all 4 pillars are accommodated, the user can work in complete comfort for maximized performance and productivity. Just as a table stands on 4 legs, each pillar plays a critical role. And when all 4 work in harmony, the benefits are far-reaching.

Full support is achieved by leaning back in an ergonomic task chair with arms and shoulders relaxed and feet flat on the floor or a footrest. Back pain is extremely common for people who work in environments where they sit most of the day. It is important to make sure the chair they use is providing adequate support to their back, shoulders, and neck.

Having work tools and materials within easy reach–the “Neutral Reach Zone”- minimizes injury risks and improves performance.

Breathing clean fresh air promotes health from the inside out, allowing employees to feel–and work– their best.

Setting up the work area with the monitor at the right distance and proper lighting of both monitor and paper documents is critical for optimized ergonomics.

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