How Different Colors Affect Productivity in Your Office

There is proven research that colors have a profound impact on different parts of us. Certain hues affect the body, mind, emotions, and the balance of all three. In order to ensure that your office space is promoting the right type of productivity, it’s important to understand how different colors affect your employees, starting with the four psychological primaries!

Red (Body)

How Colors Affect Employee EfficiencyThe color red is very aggressive and demanding. It is the simplest color, but packs the biggest punch. Red is most effective when accomplishing a physical task since it directly affects the body. When you see this color, your body reacts by raising your heart rate and blood flow, as well as invoking passion. If there’s something in your office space that you want to draw your employees’ attention to, it should be in the color red.

Blue (Mind)

This soothing color affects us mentally, just as red affects us physically. Blue promotes good communication and a calm working environment, which is why it is the most popular color for most office spaces. Utilizing bold shades of blue will stimulate clear thought, while softer shades will provide a calm environment. With a clear mind, your employees can stay focused and feel a sense of stability when completing their tasks.

Yellow (Emotions)

Yellow is known for being psychologically the strongest color because it stimulates our emotions. This color can encourage ingenuity and self-esteem in a work environment, which is perfect for designers and creative thinkers. However, be aware that too much yellow could cause the exact opposite and instill anxiety.

Green (Balance)

If your office is full of dedicated employees who work long hours, then green may prove most beneficial. It is a color that lies in the center of the spectrum doesn’t cause eye fatigue, which is therefore quite restful. Green is assuring, helping workers remain tranquil, but also efficient.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match with colors in order to connect with multiple stimulus. Once you learn what will work best for your employees, it’s time to implement the design and increase that productivity. At Accent Office Interiors, our goal is to provide you with the best workspace possible to help you work smarter. Give us a call at 850-386-5201 today to learn more about our office furnishing and design services!