Hold Employees Attention During the Holiday Season

Holiday Season at the OfficeKeeping your employees motivated throughout the holiday season can be a challenge. The anticipation of the season causes many people to lose focus which might be taking a toll on your business.

Accent Office Interiors has some suggestions on how to life the spirits of your employees during the holiday season to help them keep on task.

Decorate Your Office

During the holidays, you want to decorate your office and put everyone into a festive mood. But you also don’t want to go too far and make it seem like your office is no longer an office. Putting up a Christmas tree, some garland, and other decorations is a great idea and will boost morale. Just don’t go overboard and give your employees the impression that it’s all fun and no work for the entire month of December. By taking the tasteful approach, you will make your office look great and improve spirits.

Set Realistic Goals

To keep your employees focused on what they should be doing, you should take the time to write out a list of goals for them. There are going to be people in and out of the office throughout the holidays, so you don’t want to set unrealistic goals that they won’t be able to hit. You can gently remind them that there is still work to be done by providing them with expectations. You should also consider offering a reward of some sort, like a Christmas party or an extra days off, if they hit their goals.

Celebrate Successes

The holidays obviously come at the end of the year, which is perfect for celebrating the successes you’ve had within your company over the course of 2017. You should take the time to point out the employees who have gone above and beyond throughout the year. You should also point out the small successes people have during the holiday season. Positive reinforcement is a great tool for those looking to motivate people.

As you prepare to make your way through the holiday season and anticipate the start of 2018, it might be a good time to consider updating the look of your office. In addition to following the steps listed above, updating your office space will give your employees a renewed sense of energy and motivate them like never before.

Accent Office Interiors can provide you with everything you’ll need to update your office the right way. Call us at 850-386-5201 to see how we can assist you with your updating.