Five Ways to Bring Spring Cleaning to the Office

When we hear the phrase “spring cleaning,” we often think of our homes—that time of year when it’s time to freshen up the sheets, clear out old clothes, and break the dustpan out. But what about the office? The office is, arguably, used by more people, and you’re likely to spend more time there during the week than your own home.

So why not give it the spring cleaning it deserves? Here are five ways to tidy up your office:

Declutter the desk

Cluttered Desk at WorkYour desk is like a second home, and you should treat it as such. Especially because a clean, organized desk can often lead to a higher rate of productivity. Have some reports lying around that you’ve never looked at, or needed? Recycle them! Here’s the golden rule with this one: keep anything you need at arm’s length, like pencils, pens, computer, and some souvenirs. Anything else will only create an unnecessary mess.

Workspace zones

This is a streamlined approach from Forbes to cleaning out the entire office: split your workspace into zones, and assign different employees to clean them out. So three employees handle the kitchen; another two handle the printer/fax area; and yourself? Well, you’re in charge of the utility closet. Get that trash bin and broom, and get moving.

Digital organization

Though our workspace is more physical, most of our actual work is now digital and online clutter proves to be just as much of a threat to our work habits than offline clutter. So get organized! Create folders on your computer that easily categorize your workflow. That way, you’ll be able to breeze through the day’s work without disruption.

Clean electronics

Do not forget that our electronics—computers, printers, copiers—are often the most germ-infested areas in the office. Plan to include them in your deep clean by wiping down keyboards, cleaning out any old paper or ink, and cleaning your screens.

Get a new look

Nothing says ‘spring cleaning’ than a full-scale rejuvenation–office included. Inject a boost of office morale by updating the design of your workspace, and change the overall vibe that has become mundane to most. Co-workers will be appreciative—believe us.

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