Designing a More Productive Conference Room

Ah, the coveted conference room, where employees can join forces, and partnerships can be built. Of course, this is only true if your conference room is conducive to team collaboration, productivity, and creativity.

So, what makes a conference room effective?

Put your company purpose at the forefront

Every business or organization can only thrive when particular employee needs are met.

Conference Room FurnitureYour conference room design, then, should be unique to your business; the same conference room setup will not necessarily work for both you and another company.

Think about the needs of your employees and the types of meetings you need space for, such as one-on-one meetings, large team collaboration meetings, or strategy meetings with external partners.

Brainstorm the types of activities your employees do during meetings and focus on building your conference room around those events. Keep purpose and needs top of mind, and you will build the perfect meeting space for your company.

Move beyond neutral

Creativity and out-of-the-box design works wonders for increasing employee productivity and collaboration.

Workers thrive in unique spaces that promote relaxation, comfort, and teamwork.

Envision the atmosphere you wish to create in your conference room, and use color to change the mood of the space. Consider moving away from drab neutral paints in favor of calming blues and greens or exciting oranges and aggressive reds.

When neutral works best in formal meeting rooms, try to add pops of color in furniture and other accents. Keep your conference room exciting and incorporate your company image into your design. Aim for invigorating spaces that get the juices flowing rather than a simple, undecorated room with a conference table in the middle.

Focus on spacing and seating

Spacing and seating can make or break a productive conference room. Employees must feel heard and valued during meetings, so room configuration proves key to achieving this need.

Allow for ample seating to suit every employee while not overcrowding the space. Keep all seating on the same level to promote equality, and try not to leave anyone out of the main seating area. Use comfortable and roomy seating options that match your company culture and style; for example, laid-back companies may choose to use beanbags as chairs.

Make enough space for people to get up and move around during breaks and configure your tables to allow for multiple walking paths.

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