Collaborative Spaces are Linked to Productivity

Collaborative Spaces are Linked to Productivity Purposeful design is important, and if you’re redesigning your office space, it is important to consider what designs might help improve your overall workspace.

Consider adding collaborative or shared spaces into your building in order to increase productivity and improve the overall atmosphere.

Productivity Gains

Ever hear the saying, two is better than one? Well, it also applies to workplace productivity and design. Studies show that if you sit a weak performer next to a strong performer, the weak performer begins to work better, and the strong performer maintains their level of performance.

Companies who design around an open floor plan and place desks that seat two or three people around the office find that their employees are more likely to engage in quicker group decision making, better problem solving skills, and a work culture emphasizing shared connection.

Workplace Behavior

The benefits of collaborative spaces aren’t just limited to work efficacy and efficiency.  Although studies show that stronger performance is much more likely to spread from one employee to another, under certain conditions, bad performance can spread too. Bad performance can lead to bad behavior, such as failing to uphold ethical standards and being overly competitive for selfish gain.

Designing lounge spaces within your office that allow employees to freely move around and interact with each other on breaks and lunches fosters a sense of comradery that will inspire employees to offer support to one another, get to know one another, and converse in a neutral, comfortable setting.

The quality of the work culture is a huge determining factor in whether an employee sticks around for the long term. Decrease your turnover rate and create a satisfying environment for both you and your employees by browsing Accent Office Interiors collaborative spaces design gallery. Contact us today to get started.