Closed vs. Open Office Layouts: What’s Right for You?

Planning an office space that’s conducive to the work you do and makes your employees happy can sometimes pose a challenge.

Should you take the more traditional approach with a closed office? Or perhaps you want everyone working alongside one another in one larger space?

It’s a big decision, but luckily, we can help!

Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing between an open and closed office design.

Closed office layout

This layout supports a more divided work environment, sticking to the traditional ways of separate offices or cubicles.

Closed Office Layout

More privacy

More walls mean less distractions. If you’re employees tend to be easily distracted or the work you do needs a high level of concentration in independent work, then perhaps separation would prove more effective.

Employee health

We’ve all experienced it: one employee gets sick and eventually the whole office has it. With a closed office space, germs are less likely to spread like a wildfire.

Reinforces the hierarchy

There’s a hierarchical order within every office environment, but it is only reinforced with closed office spaces. As you move up in the company, you move up to the better offices, which, for some fields of work, is the best way to keep your employees goal-oriented and motivated.

Open office layout

Without barriers, an open office design tends to house unconventional workspaces and encourage creativity.

Open Office Layout

Flexibility in workspace

Many open office plans incorporate a few creative spaces for people to work.

So, although you have your desk, there’s opportunity to pick-up and change your scenery for the day.

Increased collaboration and communication

When employees are working side-by-side, there’s more potential for group collaboration. They are more comfortable in talking to their team and listening to each other in order to develop new ideas.

Less strain on your wallet

Less walls? Less money spent. When you’re focused on one, larger space, the initial set-up is less extensive, and you wouldn’t need to fill different offices or cubicles with their own separate supplies.

Still unsure of what design concept is right for your office?

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