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Upgrade Your Office, Revive Your Employees

The average American spends an average of 2,068 hours a year at work. The workplace is no longer somewhere we have to go, clock in, do a job, and clock out. Nowadays, companies are asking their employees to constantly innovate, adapt to the times, foster and drive change, and be creative. In a demanding workplace,… Read more »

Designing a More Productive Conference Room

Conference Room Furniture

Ah, the coveted conference room, where employees can join forces, and partnerships can be built. Of course, this is only true if your conference room is conducive to team collaboration, productivity, and creativity. So, what makes a conference room effective? Put your company purpose at the forefront Every business or organization can only thrive when… Read more »

Impress Clients, Partners by Renovating Your Conference Room

Is your meeting space in need of a renovation? Is your conference room less than comfortable for prospective partners? Investing and modernizing your conference room or meeting room can help make the space more inviting for your business’ guests and clients. Here are a few reasons why it might be a good idea to update… Read more »

Why It’s Important To Have A Conference or Meeting Room

Why It's Important To Have A Conference or Meeting Room

Staff meetings, client pop-ins and scheduled appointments are common for business. Having the space to hold such occasions is important for a lot of reasons. Sure you can hold a meeting with the staff among cubicles, but are you guaranteed that everyone can hear you? Are you able to ensure they are paying attention to… Read more »