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Helping Your Employees Remain Focused

If you take a look around your office you may notice some employees zoned out, being distracted, yawning, or idly walking around. What makes employees become inattentive to their work? There are many different factors that may make them become distracted. Here are a few essentials to help them remain focused: Introduce More Breaks Many… Read more »

Refurbishing Old Office Furniture

Refurbishing Old Office Furniture

Many offices have a selection of older office furniture – items that may not be as fresh and new looking as they once did but are still solid and reliable pieces. There’s no need to get rid of these pieces completely, though. You can bring them back to life and give them a new start… Read more »

How Technology is Changing the Future of Office Space Design

Modern Office Design FL

It’s no secret that we’re living in the Digital Age, meaning innovation is everywhere, consistently bringing new technologies, ideas, and techniques to our office doorstep. So, it’s no surprise that it’s having such an impact on office design. Here are just a few ways that technological advancements are changing the interior design of your workspace!… Read more »

Collaborative Spaces are Linked to Productivity

Improving Workplace Productivity

Purposeful design is important, and if you’re redesigning your office space, it is important to consider what designs might help improve your overall workspace. Consider adding collaborative or shared spaces into your building in order to increase productivity and improve the overall atmosphere. Productivity Gains Ever hear the saying, two is better than one? Well,… Read more »

‘Resimmercial’ Design: Achieving Home-Work Balance in the Office

"Resimmercial" Office Design

When you walk into an office space, it typically feels like an office space. The traditional office you might imagine in your mind probably has white walls, fluorescent lighting and bare-bones – in other words, it looks clearly like an office and not at like a homey space. But there’s a new trend sweeping the… Read more »

Is Your Office Furniture Stifling Innovation and Creativity?

Modern Collaborative Office Spaces

The workplace is no longer somewhere we have to go, clock in, do a job, and clock out. Nowadays, companies are asking their employees to constantly innovate, adapt to the times, foster and drive change, and be creative. You can offer your employees tools to help them accomplish these goals, but if your office’s furnishings… Read more »

Modular Desks Don’t Have to Close Out Collaboration

If you’re getting ready to outfit a new office with furniture, you may be wondering what kind of style you want your furniture to have. You don’t want the employees of your company to feel cut off from one another and not able to network and brainstorm, but you also want to give people some… Read more »

Businesses Are More Successful When Using Comfortable And Aesthetically Pleasing Furnishings

Businesses Are More Successful When Using Comfortable And Aesthetically Pleasing Furnishings

Not only is innovative office design necessary, it’s crucial for your businesses success. Along with the design, office furnishings are very important for your office. The traditional office setting is no longer beneficial or even useful for today’s offices. Employees are mobile, constantly on the go, so your office should reflect the new mobile-centric business… Read more »

The Changes In Office Interiors Over The Last Decade

The Changes In Office Interiors Over The Last Decade

Along with the changes in office technology, office interiors have had some serious renovations in the past ten years. In the past, corner offices and closed space were the way to go. Now, employees are focusing on working together and collaboration. With mobile technology, employees can now work from any location; the office is now… Read more »