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Refresh, Repair and Reupholster With Us

Many offices have a selection of older office furniture – items that may not be as fresh and new looking as they once did, but are still solid and reliable pieces. There’s no need to get rid of these pieces completely, though. You can bring them back to life and give them a new start… Read more »

Moving? Out With the Old and In With the New

New Office Furniture

There are few things in the working world as exciting as moving your business to a new location. After all, it can only mean big things, whether it is finding that larger space to fit your growing enterprise, finding a new building more suitable for your business, or any of an extensive number of positive… Read more »

Matching Needs and Budgets for Your Office with Us

So your business is growing, and you are looking to update your office in an effort to make space for your new employees. Or maybe you’ve decided to rework your existing floor plan to create a more efficient or compliant work environment. Whatever your reason for wanting to implement an upgrade or change with your… Read more »

Modular Desks Don’t Have to Close Out Collaboration

If you’re getting ready to outfit a new office with furniture, you may be wondering what kind of style you want your furniture to have. You don’t want the employees of your company to feel cut off from one another and not able to network and brainstorm, but you also want to give people some… Read more »

What’s Trending in Modern Office Furniture?

Office furniture can really make or break a work atmosphere. From the way desks are positioned to the types of meeting spaces, placing an emphasis on having a comfortable and inviting office space is becoming even more important. Here are some of the trends that are showing up in offices across the nation this year…. Read more »

Businesses Are More Successful When Using Comfortable And Aesthetically Pleasing Furnishings

Businesses Are More Successful When Using Comfortable And Aesthetically Pleasing Furnishings

Not only is innovative office design necessary, it’s crucial for your businesses success. Along with the design, office furnishings are very important for your office. The traditional office setting is no longer beneficial or even useful for today’s offices. Employees are mobile, constantly on the go, so your office should reflect the new mobile-centric business… Read more »

The Changes In Office Interiors Over The Last Decade

The Changes In Office Interiors Over The Last Decade

Along with the changes in office technology, office interiors have had some serious renovations in the past ten years. In the past, corner offices and closed space were the way to go. Now, employees are focusing on working together and collaboration. With mobile technology, employees can now work from any location; the office is now… Read more »