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Office Essentials for a Modern Workplace

Office Space Tips

Having a strong office design is a must for modern workplaces. When designing a modern office, you should be focused on pleasing employees, customers, clients, and patients. There are several office essentials you’ll need in order to create a modern workplace. If you are redesigning your office space or shopping for a new location, certain… Read more »

Tips on Decorating Waiting Rooms

Waiting Room Decor

A waiting room is a vital part of your office’s décor. Not only is it the first space your patients and clients see of your office, it is also where they often spend the most time. It’s important to make sure your waiting room is comfortable, welcoming, and inviting. Here are some suggestions on decorating… Read more »

Things you need to know before switching to an open office plan

The open office plan can facilitate better collaboration between employees and make more efficient use of available space. But it is not all sunshine and roses when it comes to switching over to the open office! Some people may not function as well being surrounded by other employees.  Here are a few ideas of how to… Read more »

‘Resimmercial’ Design: Achieving Home-Work Balance in the Office

"Resimmercial" Office Design

When you walk into an office space, it typically feels like an office space. The traditional office you might imagine in your mind probably has white walls, fluorescent lighting and bare-bones – in other words, it looks clearly like an office and not at like a homey space. But there’s a new trend sweeping the… Read more »

Is Your Office Furniture Stifling Innovation and Creativity?

Modern Collaborative Office Spaces

The workplace is no longer somewhere we have to go, clock in, do a job, and clock out. Nowadays, companies are asking their employees to constantly innovate, adapt to the times, foster and drive change, and be creative. You can offer your employees tools to help them accomplish these goals, but if your office’s furnishings… Read more »

Impress Clients, Partners by Renovating Your Conference Room

Is your meeting space in need of a renovation? Is your conference room less than comfortable for prospective partners? Investing and modernizing your conference room or meeting room can help make the space more inviting for your business’ guests and clients. Here are a few reasons why it might be a good idea to update… Read more »

Waiting in Comfort: How to Make a Waiting Area More Inviting

Waiting Room Furnishings

No one likes sitting in waiting rooms, whether it’s at a doctor’s office or big law firm. Waiting rooms tend to be a little beige and uninviting, but if you’re a business owner or a medical practice, you don’t want your waiting room to make your clients uncomfortable. Luckily, there are some steps you can… Read more »

Refresh, Repair and Reupholster With Us

Many offices have a selection of older office furniture – items that may not be as fresh and new looking as they once did, but are still solid and reliable pieces. There’s no need to get rid of these pieces completely, though. You can bring them back to life and give them a new start… Read more »