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Workplace Ergonomics: What It Is and Why It Matters

Workplace Ergonomics

If you work in an office environment, then you’ve likely heard the term “workplace ergonomics.” While this term is tossed around a lot in business circles, it may not be clear to you what exactly it means. Here we discuss the ins and outs of workplace ergonomics and why it’s important for your health. What… Read more »

4 Ways to Get More Steps in Each Day

How to Get More Steps In Each Day

More and more Americans are working sedentary desk jobs than ever before. This also means that more Americans aren’t getting up and staying active, potentially comprising their overall health and well-being. While getting the recommended steps in each day can be a challenge when you’re working a 9-5 desk job, it’s not impossible. Read on… Read more »

4 Ways to Make Your Office Healthier

4 Ways to Make Your Office Healthier

In the modern world, most jobs have become sedentary. Workers will spend hours upon hours at a desk, hunched over a keyboard with their eyes glued to a screen. This kind of lifestyle can wreak havoc on our bodies, resulting in back problems and other musculoskeletal disorders further down the road.   However, it doesn’t… Read more »

3 Steps to Organizing Your Office

3 Steps to Organizing Your Office

No matter who you are, having a well-organized office is key to working efficiently and productively. However, many of us don’t work that way. Our offices are often cluttered and chaotic, appearing more like a hoarder’s nest rather than someone’s workspace. This can harm our productivity, as disorganization is proven to cause anxiety and poor… Read more »

Redesigning Offices for a Post-Coronavirus World

Redesigning Offices for a Post-Coronavirus World

Across the country, workers are slowly returning to the office. However, the coronavirus is still a serious concern, and many offices are ill-equipped to handle it. In all likelihood, you will have to redesign your office space to bring employees back into work safely. Here are a few ways you can go about it:   Say… Read more »

Refurbishing Old Office Furniture

Refurbishing Old Office Furniture

Many offices have a selection of older office furniture – items that may not be as fresh and new looking as they once did but are still solid and reliable pieces. There’s no need to get rid of these pieces completely, though. You can bring them back to life and give them a new start… Read more »

Why You Should Have a Plant On Your Desk

Has your workspace become stifling? Do you often feel overwhelmed at work? If you answered yes to either of those questions, chances are you are in need of a workspace makeover. There are simple ways to change your work area without making drastic changes. A green plant is a simple item that can create a… Read more »

Office Lighting Design: How Light Affects Your Workspace

Bright Reception Area of Office

If you’re like most, a great majority of your day is spent at work, likely behind a desk. Truth is, the harsh florescent lights, the reflection from big glass windows, and the amount of time spent staring at large monitors all affect our health. Have you ever considered taking a step back and reevaluating the… Read more »

How Office Design Encourages Creativity

Employees Collaborating at Work

Businesses and organizations are nothing without creativity, taking them to new heights by breeding innovation and success. A big factor in generating creativity is the design of your office. Traditionally segregated cubicles and boring white walls do not exactly motivate your employees to get creative. Instead, try some of the following tactics for encouraging creativity… Read more »

Closed vs. Open Office Layouts: What’s Right for You?

Open Office Layout

Planning an office space that’s conducive to the work you do and makes your employees happy can sometimes pose a challenge. Should you take the more traditional approach with a closed office? Or perhaps you want everyone working alongside one another in one larger space? It’s a big decision, but luckily, we can help! Here… Read more »