Best Colors for Your Office

Best Colors for Your OfficeThere are far too many companies out there that don’t spend enough time thinking about what colors to paint the walls in their offices or what color furniture to furnish those offices with. They tend to play it safe and paint the walls white while using white, black, or brown furniture, just to avoid making the color decision any more difficult than it has to be. But that is absolutely the wrong approach to take!

The color choices in your office will play a vital role in overall productivity, so you should think long and hard about which colors you use.

So which colors should you choose? It all depends on what kind of work your company does and how certain colors will affect your employees. Blue, for example, is a color that is known to stimulate the minds of those who look at it. So if you run a company that employs accountants or you do another kind of serious work that requires constant attention and focus, blue might be your best bet.

Yellow, on the other hand, is a color that is known to stimulate people’s emotions. When people look at it, they will be driven to take action and to think as creatively as they can. Therefore, you might want to consider painting your office space yellow or adding yellow furniture accents to it if it houses designers and other people who are asked to be creative regularly. Yellow will help them do their jobs better.

Red is another color that is great for an office space, especially when it’s utilized in a part of the office that is going to be used for socialization. Red will stimulate people’s bodies and encourage them to get up and move around while talking with others. So if you are trying to create a collaborative environment in your office, red paint and accents can help you accomplish that.

As you can see, adding a bit of color to an office space will work wonders and will really pay off in the end, provided you use colors correctly. You can do it with paint or with furniture that is strategically placed throughout your office for maximum effect. Accent Office Interiors offers a large selection of office furniture and can help you choose products that will work well for you. Check out what we have in our inventory and call us at 850-386-5201 today with any questions you might have.