4 Ways to Improve Your Office Feng Shui

We spend so much time at our offices, shouldn’t we make the environment as welcoming and productive as possible? Enter Feng Shui!

Feng Shui can be used at work the same way as at home, by supercharging and energizing the space. Read on for some ways to incorporate this practice into your office!

1. Get rid of excess

Our desks and offices tend to accumulate a lot of nonessentials that form clutter and add to your stress. Take some time to clear out your physical space by cleaning out those drawers you’ve been actively avoiding and recycling old papers, folders, etc.

Next, move to your digital space and scroll through your file explorer and online calendar to delete anything that’s taking up space on your devices that you no longer need.

2. Do some redecorating

Promote Good Energy in your WorkspaceFeng Shui philosophy states that you should position your desk so that you face the door, thus allowing you to command the room. If not, your back will be to the door, making yourself more vulnerable.

3. Bright art

High-energy images can feed your vigor and creativity in a work space. Bring in some art pieces that are full of color and that make you happy. With Feng Shui, bright colors help supercharge places of productivity!

4. Purify the air with plants

Right now, plants are having a major moment in décor. Hop on the trend and increase your chi by adding in fresh energy from the outdoors! Plants will purify the air quality and bringing nature inside will help elevate your mood.

Interested in updating your work space with some new furniture to increase your chi? At Accent Office Interiors, we design and install creative office solutions for all of our clients. Browse our vast selection of products and then give us a call at 850-386-5201 to chat about how we can improve your work space!