3 Steps to Organizing Your Office

No matter who you are, having a well-organized office is key to working efficiently and productively. However, many of us don’t work that way. Our offices are often cluttered and chaotic, appearing more like a hoarder’s nest rather than someone’s workspace. This can harm our productivity, as disorganization is proven to cause anxiety and poor decision making.  

If your workspace is in desperate need of a good cleaning, then read over our tips for organizing your office: 

3 Steps to Organizing Your Office

Keep what you need, lose what you don’t 

Our offices don’t start out messy to begin with. Instead, they get that way because we constantly keep things that we no longer need. Old documents, unused equipment, and other relics of the past tend to pile up on our desks over time. To get your workspace organized, then, you need to sort through all of your possessions and decide what should be kept and what can be tossed

Go digital 

Digitizing files and documents is one of the most effective means of organizing your office. Getting rid of all those loose papers will dramatically cut down on clutter. Just be sure that you create a digital filing system for all of the documents you’re uploading, otherwise you may never find them again. 

Use organizers and containers 

For items you can’t digitize, use containers or organizers to keep them well-sorted. Something as simple as a pencil holder can have a huge effect on how messy or clean your office appears. You can also use drawer organizers to keep the items inside your desk neat and tidy. 

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